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Earbox is a new audiology clinic in a quiet, residential area of Mullaloo. We offer comprehensive paediatric and adult hearing assessments. All testing is performed by a qualified and accredited audiologist with over 10 years’ experience and using the latest audiologic equipment. Assessments take approximately 30 mins and cost $80. This includes a full report. Earbox prides itself on providing a child-friendly, yet professional environment. Saturday and after-school appointments are available. There is ample free parking.

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Butler Family Practice
Butler Central Shopping Centre
Shop 2, 150 Camborne Pkwy
Butler, 6036

What you can expect


Appointments generally take approximately 30 mins. The audiologist will take a detailed history
regarding your child’s development so far and then perform a series of tests and games which
provide information regarding your child’s middle ears, inner ears and their hearing levels at
different pitches. At the end of the appointment there are several possible outcomes:

  • Everything is fine – no further action required (annual monitoring may be recommended if
    hearing loss ‘risk factors’ have been identified in your child’s history);
  • Audiologist will recommend seeking immediate medical advice from either GP or ENT (e.g. if
    there is too much wax in your child’s ears or the ear drum is perforated);
  • Audiologist will recommend a review in 3 months’ time to monitor middle ear health;
  • Audiologist will refer to Australian Hearing if permanent hearing loss is identified.
  •  Occasionally (e.g. if child becomes upset during testing) it might be necessary to test your
    child over 2 appointments.

Our Audiology Services.

Our services include but are not limited to the following:

Paediatric Hearing Assessments

Assessments include :

Speech discrimination testing
Otoacoustic Emisson Testing



Adult Hearing Assessments

Earbox offers independent adult audiology testing. We are not a provider of hearing aids but can refer on appropriately,

ENT Services

Earbox offers locum audiological services for ENT specialists

Mobile Audiology Screening Service

Earbox audiology equipment is mobile and therefore can offer either a paediatric or adult hearing screening service (providing background noise levels are not too high) e.g. a quiet room in a classroom or daycare centre.

Are you a GP?

Please see our GP Doctor referrals page.

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0414 458 262

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Butler Family Practice
Butler Central Shopping Centre
Shop 2, 150 Camborne Pkwy
Butler, 6036

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